Book Review

The following is a reproduction of an artice that was written by Peter Koht and appeared in the "Good Times":

Ecology and Photography

The main problem with writing about the development of UCSC is that everything withing the Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) and its associated EIR is speculative. No matter how many maps are included in the reports, the physical realities of expanding UCSC to 19,000 students are hard to mentally picture.

But as the rhetoric over Measures I and J, which seek to limit University expansion without further mitigation, heats up in the remaining weeks until the Nov. elections, photographer Lucas Barth may have found a way to cut through the hyperbole and accurately portray the changes happening up at the former Cowell Ranch. In his senior project, titled "The Future of UCSC and the LRDP," Barth has captured the nexus of nature and construction in a series of striking landscapes. As an exit requirement for his individual major in Environmental Photo Documentation, Barth's book also includes a number of interviews with professors, architects and planners in the UCSC community, who share their thoughts about the problems and potentials of the contentious LRDP.

Now working at Franz Lanting's Westside studio, Barth's photos show a maturity and eye for detail and balance rarely seen in nature photography. His book is available at the Bay Tree Bookstore and Bookshop Santa Cruz, or by visiting http://www.lulu.com/content/359131

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